Monday, September 12, 2005

The Pride is Back!

J.P. throwing his first TD pass.

Willis feeling the love

Fletcher with a fumble recovery

Willis high-stepping over an overmatched Texan defense

That ain't no bitch-ass Doug Flutie, baby!


newton dominey said...

bitch ass doug flutie. love it. and i bet he doesn't wear a head band either.

hey, how'd you get that hook up on the records you're listening to right now? that's bitchin'.

Bill said...

All ya gotta do is steal the source code that I stole from someone else. I've been meaning to update that damn list, but I haven't really heard many new albums lately. The price you pay for being too poor to afford used CD's.

d. dunford said...

How good do the Bills look in those throwbacks? I mean, seriously.