Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sabre-rrific! (So Far Anyway)

Okay, I know it's early, but my Buffalo Sabres are 2-0 and looking very good after two games. It's taking the sting away from three straight Bills losses.

Rory Fitzpatrick - Defenseman (Rochester's own)

Ryan Miller - Goalie

Chris Drury - Center

Maxim Afinogenov - Right Wing

Daniel Briere - Center


Jerry Simpson said...

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Bill said...

Jerry Simpson and has a drug problem. He was accused of molesting children but was acquitted on a technicality.

tonypounds said...

i guess the bills didn't end up sucking this weekend. shut out the dolphins. but really, how hard is that to do? oh, dan marino, we long for your skills! in football and in acting!!! i need my isotoner gloves!

bojangles said...

4-1 now, B-eye. Two straigh OT wins, tonights was a shoot-out! So fun to watch. This is the greatest night of my life.

Toastie said...

Damn Sabres, completely ruined my Bruins game. Dangited. but the new hockey is nice to watch.