Thursday, October 19, 2006

Herbdome: Enjoy Your Baseball While It Lasts, Suckers

It was quite a week. And by quite a week, I guess I could mean quite a shitty week. But I hope it wasn't shitty for you. Don't let my shittiness somehow reflect shittily upon you. Aw shit, let's just see what my crew is up to...

  • The Landlord thinks if you think Dennis Green's meltdown after performing the choke of all chokes, you should check out Lee Elia's infamous meltdown when he was with the Cubs in the 1980s. Nothing quite compares. Danny even included a transcript!
  • Willie Moe previews Week 7 of the NFL. Take a drink every time you see the word "Kitna."

    The Arts:
  • Electric City Paul digs deep to find his inner Keanu. (And a fine 53-week anniversay to you sir!)
  • Call him Willie Swordplay, cuz he's bringing some Silly Wordplay. Willie Moe brings some class to this motley bunch with his '80s Baseball Book Club.
  • And looks like Danny is doing some writing of his own. And getting paid for it????!?!?!?!?!!!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Don C. takes on Boogie Down Productions and Mobb Deep for lyrical content.

    Both Danny and Javen wrote of delicious beer.
  • Danny speaks of the Flossmoor Station Brewing Company in Illinois, and boy does it sound like a great place to derail. I haven't taken a "derailment day" off from work in a while.
  • Bojangles continues the Midwestern theme with a post from the Chicago Tribune (aka. The Trib) about Wisconsin brew road trips. I'll bring the High Life!
Just a note, completely off-topic. As of today, I am getting about 97 hits a day on this very website, which is an ungodly, astronomical number considering I update it maybe once every two weeks, can't write and don't even own a computer. Anyway, the search words that have been leading people to my blog are "Buffalo Sabres" and -- for some reason -- "Cat Stevens." In fact, I would say that "Cat Stevens" gets more readers to me than anyone. This is fascinating to me for three reasons.

First, I only have a small picture of Cat Stevens in the sidebar on this blog, and I don't think I've ever mentioned anything about him elsewhere.

Second, isn't his name Yusef Islam now?

Third, when the hell did Cat Stevens make a comeback among internet users? I have at least four of his albums and even I never look up his name.

I made a mix cd tonight. Below is the track listing. I don't have a name for it yet. It might be my most eccentric CD yet, due to the fact that there is no theme and I added a bunch of weird-ass songs. Here's the track listing. I know this is not at all intersting, but I'm doing it for posterity.

  1. "Pro Football In America" by John Facenda (NFL Films)
  2. "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" by Spoon
  3. "Los Angeles" by the Rosewood Thieves
  4. "Everybody is Someone" by Lifehouse
  5. "You Can Bring Me Flowers" by Ray LaMontagne
  6. "Never Did No Wanderin'" by the New Main Street Singers (from A Mighty Wind)
  7. "Blue Diamonds" by the Long Winters
  8. "My Heart" by The Blow
  9. "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel
  10. "The Avalanche" by Sufjan Stevens
  11. "What To Do With Michael" by Mike Viola/Candy Butchers
  12. "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead
  13. "Learn to Live With What You Are" by Ben Folds
  14. "Holiday In Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys
  15. "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" by Gordon Lightfoot
  16. "Lonesome Road" by the Rosewood Thieves
  17. "Superstar" from the Jesus Christ Superstar Original Recording
  18. "Winding Road" by Bonnie Somerville

Maybe some of the songs do have thematic similarities. Huh, go figure.

I just watched the Cardinals beat the Mets in the NLCS. I want to send out my sincere condolences to my Metsfan friends. Tough loss. I would have liked to see them in the World Series again. But now I will root whole-heartedly for Detroit.

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Willie Moe said...

Like the music list but, I believe it's Frank, not Mike, Viola. Thanks for sending those readers my way. You would think more people would be searching for Kitna thatn Cat Stevens, am I right?