Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Year Older, Another Year of Being a Wise-Ass

A special congratulations go out to my good friend Tracie, who hit a milestone birthday this past weekend. (Hint: she shares the same date of birth as former Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson. And he just retired like three weeks ago.)

Even though you and I haven't spoken in over three years, and even though you make fun of me when I wear a bib (just because a brotha don't wanna get spaghetti sauce all over his Members Only jacket), happiest of birthdays to you, my dear. Hope that 2007-2008 is the best year yet.

And to show how much I care, I am including a picture of [gulp] Chris Daughtry, your boyfriend, back in the days when he still had hair. Plus he has his shirt off, which I'm sure is a bonus for you. And both my other readers. I know I'm excited about it!

I hope that you get spoiled on your birthday week and that all that falafel or sprouts or tofu you have to eat for that crazy diet pill thing you're on doesn't go right through you. (To be truthful: I've learned of various edible, yummy -- or unconventional -- meals with Alli.)

Happy belated birthday, kiddo. Make the week a good one.