Sunday, September 09, 2007

Merry Christmas Football Fans!

Football starts today.

It is

The best day

Of the year.

J.P.: It goes without saying that we are all counting on you. Since we want so badly for you to have a great season, I am including the following video for "Drive" by Incubus, which we all know is your favorite band. We hope that the title of the song is indicative of the long, clock-consuming drives you will be treating us to this season. We're not expecting perfection, just excellence. The playoffs would be nice, we can wait until next season for a Super Bowl.

This is my 20th season of watching Bills football. That is two straight decades of the most extraordinary highs and the most heart-wrenching lows. It would be easy to give up on them or pretend I don't love them. But who would I be kidding? I'd be lying only to myself.

I know it might take a while for us to get to where we want go to, Bills fans, but we're gonna get there eventually. Don't give up.



E.J. Matos said...

This is why I love opening weekend of the season. Everybody's team has a shot at winning it all. Come Week 4, I'll already know that my K.C. Chiefs have crapped their pants, and I can kiss any championship aspirations goodbye.

DG Dunford said...

Come on, E.J. - the Chiefs have already crapped their pants.

Goddamn Jason Elam.

E.J. said...

Did they?