Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mitch Hurwitz Should Act

For those of us swooning over the news that Arrested Development (aka The Greatest Show in the History of Television) is going to be made into a feature-length movie being released in 2009, here is a little something to whet the proverbial appetite.

It's a Clark and Michael episode featuring genius Mitchell Hurwitz as Michael's sleazy agent. It's long, but it's worth watching for at least the first four minutes, where Mitchell shows just a hint of why he is the foremost comic mind in comedy today. (Take that Judd Apatow!) If Mitch could only get a TV project or two off the ground.

"It wasn't that there wasn't talent in the writing of it, because there wasn't. It wasn't that the characters weren't there, and they weren't. It was because it was offensive to Chinese. You know how she knows? She's Chinese."

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Toastie said...

can I tell you something about shocking the chinese, these are the people that invented fireworks; you're not gonna do it.

let me tell you why I stopped listening to what you're saying; it's because I have another thought.

who's your hero? don't say me!, I'm you're agent.

I love it