Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a C**t

Sorry, you can't be both an attack-dog and a shrinking violet.

Sorry Sarah Palin. No. Bad Governor. Bad bad Governor.

You can't rip into Obama and then feign offense and outrage because he used the age-old "lipstick on a pig" cliche.

Come out of your dungeon where you're trying to not make an ass of yourself in your debate and maybe say something off the cuff.

If you're gonna throw spears, you better have a shield ready. And if you're gonna be mouthy, you better be ready to get that mouth bloodied. You can't walk into a bar and talk shit without getting in a scuffle; what makes you think you can start being a lippy broad, but then be falsely outraged by quote-unquote "sexism"?

You can't.

If you can't handle it, take your Fargo accent back to Juneau. All your executive experience is sorely being missed up there.

This ain't hunting wolves from a helicopter, toots; The wolf is up in your smiley face. You think Putin is going to worry about being a sexist in a staredown? You think that douche in Iran gives a shit about being insensitive? Kim Jong Il is twice the woman you are anyway.

Put on a helmet or get the fuck off the gridiron.


'Don' Cialini said...

I so look forward to an election campaign full of your bipartisan comments. Wait until someone calls Obama in monkey. I hope you then tell him to get a helmet when he starts crying.

Bill said...

Um, I think you're the first one to call Obama a monkey. I love the righteous anger! Defend your girl; after that beauty-pageant-contestant-in-the-headlights performance with Charlie Gibson she's gonna need all the help she can get. Ouch.

Bill said...

And by the way, if Obama or the "Reverend" Al got offended by McCain saying "the pot calling the kettle black" I WOULD call them a bunch of whiny bitches. That's the difference.

'Don' Cialini said...

I didn't call Obama anything, however knowing how these things go, its only a matter of time before some a-hole says something stupid like this and the wheels come off the track.

I don't necessarily think Obama was meaning to call Palin a pig, however a man in his position has got to be more cognisant of what he is actually saying. And this applies to all politicians. I might be a registered Republican, but I think all politicians are only in it for themselves and I wouldn't trust any of them with your hair clippings, much less something important.

However you get the point.

Oh, and if your boy Biden was actually runing for Pres and not VP, I would vote for him in a heartbeat. However since he isn't, I'm torn. Got any write in recommendations?

Bill said...

Honestly I can understand maybe why people are unsure of Obama because he is relatively new and possibly unknown, but I wish people would go with that and stay way from the distortions (the lipstick on a pig thing) and the flat-out lies (the Muslim thing) and just stick to the real shortcomings he might have. McCain would get much more credibility from me if they stuck to the real stuff instead of inventing fake stuff to go after him about. Having said that, I don't know of anyone else who is better that could be running in this election.

'Don' Cialini said...

I love you man.