Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too CHI CHI ... Hush Hush, Eye to Eye

I am going to take a train for the first time on Thursday, going from Syracuse to Chicago, all along the Great Lakes. It is 666 miles each way, and approximately 13 hours. I have lots of concerns about this trip, some technological, some situational.

For example, will I have enough battery power in my phone, iPod and laptop to give me enough entertainment hours for the trip? Will there be electrical outlets?

What will I do on the computer? Will it have wi-fi? Will I be able to be on the internet, or blog?

Will there be enough light for me to read the 20 or so magazines and books I'm going to bring?

Will I be able to sleep on a moving train? Will my newly-purchased neck pillow assist me in sleeping upright? Will I need to bring some Tylenol PM or NyQuil with me?

Is there going to be enough room for me to keep all my crap and have some leg room? Should I check my baggage or keep it right next to me?

Is someone going to try and talk my ear off on the train ride? Or should I take the trip with a semi-psychotic look so that everyone leaves me alone?

Since the trip is overnight, am I going to be able to see any of the scenery outside? Like picturesque Lake Erie?

Will all my reading material be exhausted? My bag is stuffed to the gills with magaizines (Draft, All About Beer, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, The New Republic, Mother Jones, Blender), beeriodicals, and books (Catch-22 and Down and Dirty Pictures). Should I throw out all the magazines once I'm done with them?

Can I bring beer from Illinois back on the train? Or does it violate some kind of ridiculous interstate beer laws?

Is the train going to stay on the rails? What if there is a dastardly man who covertly pulls the lever on the railroad switch and sends me to Topeka?!?!

Basically, if there is another blog anytime after next Monday, you'll know I made it.


PauLa said...


what a coincidence... I enjoy being an a"#"#ole too...

ain't that just.. liberating?

And nobody cares bout nobody--- not just your blog... or mine which is so not interesting.

Liked yours though.



DG Dunford said...

You can bring beer on a train. Fear not.

Have a blast out there (I can't make it, for many logistical reasons), and please please send my best on to all.

DG Dunford said...

also, there are electrical outlets.

lkdfjlksdneu said...

i recently took the train from Boston to Albany. There were electrical outlets, wifi, plenty of leg room and absolutely no baggage check (for the beer, of course). The gentleman next to me did nothing to bother me for the entire five hours aside from getting up to go to the bathroom once. the scenery was gorgeous. trains are cool again.

'Don' Cialini said...

If your train derails...it's because you are carrying a Mother Jones magazine.

Willie Moe said...

Unless you're riding on the "A-Train" Anthony Thomas, you should be fine with the outlets. Anthony is also not set up for Wi-Fi, for the record.

E.J. said...

The best accessory you can have on a long trip is a pair of noise canceling earphones. Even if an old bag tries to talk to you, you're not going to hear her. Practice your Spanish before you leave, just in case. If she taps your shoulder and you answer her en Español, chances are she'll be scared to talk to a "Mexican" and leave you alone. And don't worry about passing as a Mexican. Tell her you're related to Louis C.K.

Enjoy the trip, dude.