Monday, December 28, 2009

Jim Caldwell is a Gutless Coward

The only acceptable reasons that it would be okay for the Colts to tank yesterday's game against the Jets, bringing their record to 14-1 for the year.

  1. They were trying to keep Denver or Pittsburgh out of the playoffs by giving the Jets an advantage. (The Jets now control their own playoff destiny.)
  2. The Colts felt like the Jets were poised to beat them anyway, and they didn't want to tarnish their air of invincibility. (Unlikely, but possible.)
  3. They wanted to honor Belichick's legacy.
  4. Better draft pick position.
  5. They think "Killer Instinct" is a Sharon Stone movie.
  6. Mercury Morris is holding Reggie Wayne's mother hostage.
  7. They knew they had no chance against Buffalo next Sunday anyway, so why prolong the inevitable?
  8. So many teams go 19-0, it's not even a big deal anymore.
  9. Fell for the Jets' old "you pull your starters, we'll pull ours" trick.
  10. Painter is actually a better QB than Peyton and gives them their best chance to win.
  11. Jim Caldwell inherited the great team that Tony Dungy left for him and actually has no clue how to coach a football team or how 19-0 puts you on the short list for greatest team of all time.
Whatever the reason, I will be rooting against the Colts and shooing away their bad karma for the entire postseason. (Unless they are playing Pittsburgh, Dallas or New England, of course.)

[Update: Man am I tired of being right. WHO DEY!]

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