Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My very first blog! Good lord I hope I don't screw it up.

It's really hard to try to come up with something interesting to say when you're on the spot. Now that I've entered the magical world of blogging, I think I better keep it low key. I don't have anything remotely interesting to say, but for the sake of posterity (for myself, so 10 years from now I can look at my comments and realize what a jackass I am), here are things I'm thinking about. They are of little importance for the most part...

- I think that Paul Hamm guy should at least offer to give back his gold medal. If the tables were turned and it were an American on the bad side of a scoring error, the USOC would be having a fit.

- Don't you think these Swift Boat Veterans for Truth guys are a little sad? They're still holding a grudge against John Kerry for stuff that happened in 1971. Whether they're telling the truth or not, it seems interesting that this is the first we've heard from them in over 30 years. They have an axe to grind because Kerry "slimed" (as that great upright citizen Pat Buchanan said) their record by cutting off heads and ears, etc. But hasn't this been proven? Isn't it pretty common knowledge that atrocities like that were going on all the time? Was Kerry saying anything that was meritless? Obviously it was a vast minority of soldiers, but did it not actually all happen? Politicians on both sides take too much out of context.

- Right now I'm listening to Sage Francis and Aesop Rock a lot. And I mean a whole lot. If you like what rap used to be but hate what it's become check out Sage Francis's "Personal Journals" and Aesop's "Float" or "Labor Days."

- I think my sleeper team right now for the upcoming football season may be the Seattle Seahawks. But I haven't read up on it that much, so I may get back to you with a different answer later. Kansas City's defense looked pretty awesome last night against the Rams, so watch out for them. And if Joey Harrington can keep it together, Detroit may have an exciting offense, though their defense has too many holes to be a contender in December.

I don't know if I'm doing this blogging stuff right, so I better read some other ones and compare.

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Toastie said...

My man Billy Shannon!!

You weren't the only one turned on by this whole blogging thing. Ooh, I feel so dirrty. (Key note, the double R so you know its good) Its made from real panther, so you know its good. They've done studies, sixty percent of the time it works every time. Sorry, been quoting anchorman a ton.

Back to it; I also have a blog, in response to initial email from Jitter and his searching for internet approval from his "friends". Jitter, what is he thinking?? "OOH, I'm real tall and my dad's name is Bill Jitters!!" Next thing you know the kid will think he's Mark Phelps or something. Don't even get me started on chump Phelps. He isn't there with you is he??

Anywho, my blog is simply title ToastedBlog and can be reached at www.toastedblog.blogspot.com. Its not much but its home for me. Visit it and comment if you will, but be forewarned, you may get sucked in by the awesomeness!!! There will be no turning back. Ok, I'm done now. Keep up good blog stuff. Also, I was interested in obtaining a copy of the tape. You know of which I speak. THE TAPE!! Plus, my silver anniversary is coming up next tuesday, you want in?? Think about it.

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