Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC - Day One

Just got done watching the Republican National Convention. Two pretty darn good speeches by two very moderate Republicans: Sen. John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani.

I feel so bad for McCain. He is one of the most respectable politicians in America, period. Yet, in the interest of promoting party unity, he has to swallow his pride and support the man who unfairly sabatoged his campaign in 2000 with slander and innuendo. McCain is ten times the man that George W. Bush is -- a legit war hero, a man of conviction, and a true bipartisan -- and yet he has to be subservient to the inferior W because of party loyalty. McCain's speech was fair-minded and overall pretty positive, but while some people thought the swipe at Michael Moore was powerful, I thought McCain lost control of the crowd, and the GOP faithful looked a little foolish booing this silly fat man who loves to be hated.

The 9/11 tributes sandwiched between the speeches were overkill. It really did seem to be exploitative of 9/11, as if the Republicans somehow have a monopoly on the tragedy of it. First some families gave testimonies, which was fairly powerful. But then that annoyingly ubiquitous NYPD singer sang "Amazing Grace" which was just far too much for me to stomach. Do the Republicans want to really be reliving the greatest security blunder in American history? Are they trying to get America back to the days and months right after 9/11 when Bush's approval rating was high, because all of America was behind him against a common enemy? And are they trying to do it, even though it's bringing back so many painful memories of so many? I didn't lose anybody I knew on 9/11, and I was still devestated by it. I can't imagine being someone who did lose a loved one, and now they are being forced to relive it yet again.

Giuliani gave a very good populist speech. It was entertaining and he's a very ingratiating guy. If you didn't see it, here was the gist:

"Hey, do you remember September 11? I do, I was there! We New Yorkers sure are resilient aren't we? George W. Bush is a real tough guy; a lot tougher than John Kerry! Hey John, are you gonna let terrorists get away with stuff? New Yorkers don't do that; we're tough! Here's a story about how New Yorkers are so unique. New York construction workers are really unique! John Kerry can't seem to make up his mind!Vote for George Bush, please."

Both speeches were, in my opinion, far superior to the subject they were touting. Having Giuliani and McCain pimping Bush is like having Robert DeNiro and Gene Hackman pushing for Vin Diesel to get an Academy Award.

I can't wait to see the debates between Kerry and Bush, and especially between John Edwards and Dick Cheney.

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