Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All Footballed Out

Editor's Note: Now that football season is over I feel like I got my brain back finally. Thurman Thomas not making the Hall of Fame really wore me down and made me a bit disillusioned with football and with all the crap the NFL does. So no more football posts until April. That's a Bill Shannon Promise.

Although I do have to mention this one thing. The day of the Conference Championship games, we opened up the envelopes that Willie, Phelps, Toast and I created on the first day of the season with all our picks. My NFC picks were not good. The only playoff team out of the National that I got right was Carolina. Go figure. I picked Arizona for godsake. BUT, I did predict that Pittsburgh would win the AFC, losing to Philadelphia in the Super Bowl. Again, sweet pick there. I had Mike Mularkey as Coach of the Year for the Love of Pete. I tried to pencil in "Worst" before that Mularkey pick but thought I'd stay honest.

Anyway, just because I'm all footballed out doesn't mean I give a shit when pitchers and catchers report so you can all save it (I'm talking to you, Salami!) Bring on the hockey!


'Don' Cialini said...

You Bitch.

Jack Johnson said...

I wish I would have seen this post sooner!!! "ALL FOOTBALLED OUT"???? You must be mad!!!! THERE IS NO OFFSEASON IN FOOTBALL!!!

"Free Agency" starts on March 3rd and I know we all have completed our home work for "Team Needs".

Buck up Billy & head on over to "" to poor yourself another!!! WE JUST GETT'N STARTED!!!

The Jack