Sunday, February 05, 2006

Not Doubting Thomas

Some facts:

  • Thurman Thomas is #12 on the all-time rushing list, with 12,470 yards
  • Thurman Thomas is #2 in total postseason yards from scrimmage with 2,114, behind only Jerry Rice.
  • Thurman Thomas is the only player in NFL history to lead the NFL in total yards from Scrimmage four consecutive years. In year number five of that streak, he was second in the league.
  • Thurman Thomas is #8 all-time in total yards from scrimmage, with 16,532 yards.
  • Thurman Thomas was selected to five consecutive Pro Bowls from 1989-1993, and was All-Pro in 1990 and 1991.
  • Thurman Thomas led the AFC in rushing in 1990, 1991 and 1993. He was in the top six in the NFL in rushing from 1989 to 1994.
  • Thurman Thomas was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 1991.
  • Thurman Thomas gained 190 total yards in Super Bowl XXV, and should have been named the game's MVP, even though the Bills lost.
  • In his first nine seasons in the league, Thurman Thomas averaged 1,176 yards rushing before his role was diminished in his tenth season.
  • Thurman Thomas is one of only four running backs to have rushed for 1,000 yards in eight consecutive seasons (the only other three are Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Curtis Martin).
  • Thurman Thomas was not one of the final six players to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

Check the stats and the bio.

Doesn't matter. He is my all-time favorite football player and the greatest Buffalo Bill I ever saw. He should be in the Hall of Fame and anyone who ever saw him play in his prime knows it.


Capowskie said...

toodles poodles

'Don' Cialini said...

Therm is also the only player to lose his helmet before the start of the biggest game of the year. Keep'em out.

bojangles said...

The NFL's Hall of Fame process is ridiculous. There, I said it.

Ban-dingo said...

I hated the Bills during their glory days. I hated them with an almost unbridled passion, and no there was probably no Bill I hated more than Turman Thomas. I hated him because he was their best player and you couldn't stop him. He almost singlehandedly made the Bills worth hating. I can't believe he didn't get in. I can't name three better players from his prime years. If they fucked him over because he never won a Superbowl or because of the lost helmet thing, that is ridiculous.

Bill said...

Capowskie: Thanks blondie, you're sweet.

Cialini: Peep the postseason stats above.

Jables: Agreed. Aikman and Moon but no Thurman??? If Thurman ain't a first-ballot neither Aikman and Moon aren't. I think Moon is, though.

Danny-Banny: Always nice to hear the voice of reason.

Jack Johnson said...

I agree with Bojangles, the Hall of Fame process is seriously flawed!

Therm should have been voted in!

Popularity contests suck!!