Monday, March 27, 2006


There's a girl I know by the name of TT, and she just had herself an up and down day.

On the plus side, she made it back to the blogroll after a long absence. Yes, now you have the honor of being exposed to the more than 2000 readers this little word-trap has summoned over the last year or so. (Or the same 6 people that many times. Fine, it's really me just hitting "refresh" over and over again. Happy?)

Ohhhh but on the other hand, she also climbed herself right near the top of my shit-list. She could never reach the top as long as Oprah and Bill O'Reilly are alive but she's like top 12 right now. No, top 14. She's #14 on the list.

So if it's a blogwar you want, baby, you just found it.

Unfortunately, since I don't have a picture of TT, I have to post a picture of her namesake, Oscar-winning editor Justine Wright. Here she is:

(TT, if you could just go ahead and send me a picture so I can post it and then make fun of it, that'd be great. Thanks! Hope your stomach is better!)

I suck do I? DO I????

Quite honestly, I think it's awesome that if you go to google and type in "Bill Shannon Sucks" it will lead you right here. THAT is marvelous.

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tt said...

OH, i'm so scared! we'll see who is victorius! i'm to lazy to make a blog today though.