Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bill Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

I’m gonna rise up,
gonna kick a little ass.
Gonna kick some ass in the USA.
Gonna climb a mountain,
gonna sew a flag,
gonna fly on an eagle.

I’m gonna kick some butt,
gonna drive a big truck.
I’m gonna rule this world.
I’m gonna kick some ass.
I’m gonna rise up,
gonna kick a little ass.


Happy MLK Day everyone.


Eileen said...

Is that from the first draft of "I Have a Dream"?

E.J. said...

It's Always Sunny in Syracuse?

Toastie said...

I love the episode when charlie acts like a lawyer because of all of the law and order he's been watching. objection....heresay.

that, and when he's pacino from serpico.

DG Dunford said...

When Charlie was Serpico was awesome...taping a full-size tape recorder to his funny.

'Don' Cialini said...

You were putting out better blogs when you had no computer...

E.J. said...

"4 The Mare" <--- Pure genius.

Bill said...

feast your ears on that Spin Doctors mix! don't get me started on Night Man