Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poking My Head Out

Hello! Remember me?

My computer had an unfortunate incident right around Thanksgiving where it sort of died and so therefore I haven't been able to regale you with fantastic tales for many weeks. My computer says, "You're welcome." (I'm using my old 1999 model right now, and yes, it's taking about 3 hours for the words to come up on the screen after I type them.)

Not much to report. So far, '08 has been just fine. I've entered the last 30 days of my 32nd year, and look forward to entering the 33rd. Other than that, nothing has changed. I'm still way out of shape, still broke, my place is still a raging mess.

I could run off a list of my current obsessions, but who really cares, am I right? Although if you have HBO and you aren't watching "The Wire" you should probably have your cable taken away. (They are showing the episodes On Demand a week before they air, I just found out.) I haven't gotten much new music in my system because of the whole computer thing. I feel like I'm living in a cave. There is an upcoming post about my struggles with technology of late, and my desire to retreat to Pennsylvania Amish country. But that comes later.

Hope all is going well. I miss you and I'm thinking about you. Toodles, poodles.

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Toastie said...

new blogs from billy ball and willie moe in a weeks span, a post-festivus miracle!! hope all is well.