Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Olney in New York!

Dear Buster Olney,

Stop being such a fucking baby.

So Joe Torre writes a book (with your own colleague Tom Verducci, no less) and whoops pow surprise! It turns out that Brian Cashman is a company man and A-Rod is a faggot. What a shock.

You think everyone didn't already know that A-Rod is a prima donna shitdick who cares more about P.R. (and I don't mean Puerto Rico, folks) than about whether his team wins or not? Did you think he was fooling anyone with his "I want to be a Yankee" friend-of-the-workingman shit? Just because Torre confirmed it doesn't mean that everyone didn't already know.

So Torre had "the scowl," as you call it, where he would chastise yellow journalists for bringing up sensational stories in press conferences. What the fuck did you expect him to do? Openly comment on these kinds of stories when he is still the manager of the team? And did you expect him to have any loyalty to Cashman or the organization after the way they unceremoniously booted his ass?

Maybe in your feeble little Yankee-lovin' mind, this is going to go down in infamy as Torre's own "I'm not here to talk about the past" moment if he doesn't fess up to writing all this stuff. But you have to remember one thing.


And maybe if you left your fucking cubicle once in a while, you might realize that there are more things out there in the world than the Yankees. And sorry, not every book written about the Yankees can be a sanctifying ode, like your own book The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty, in which you swoon over "[Derek] Jeter's confidence, [Paul] O'Neill's intensity, [Tim] Raines' humor, [Joe] Girardi's professionalism."

And why do you give your boy Verducci a pass? You mention several times in the article that he wrote the words, but that Torre had to sign off on it. Why not chastise him for allowing his good name to be sullied by such depraved dreck?

Sorry Torre shitted on your squad, Buster, but he was only reinforcing what everbody ALREADY KNEW. You love the Yankees, you feel personally hurt by Torre's words ... we get it. How dare someone spit in the face of Yankee Universe?!?

Quit crying like a baggy-eyed little fruit and be a man, you fucking nerd.


'Don' Cialini said...

While I agree with the basis for your Olney take, get off the guy. It's an opinion. And as an avid reader of his daily blog, he gets crapped on for being a homer for the Red Sox as much as the Yanks. I don't think he is a shill for either team, rather as a writer he goes where the stories are...like everyone else. Don't hate the guy because there is no news coming out of Baltimore these days now that the great Cal Ripken is gone.

Willie Moe said...

First off Bill, "yellow" journalists? That's pretty offensive. I believe they like to be called Asian-Americans or Chinamen. The best part about this book, is that everyone is treating it as a Torre biography or memoir, which it is not. But, I for one was shocked, absolutely shocked, to find that A-Rod is a douchebag, his teammates hate him and called him A-Fraud, and he had a man crush on Derek Jeter. That's hard hitting stuff!