Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oh the Minutes I've Wasted!

My 525,600 minutes? Most of them were spent:

  • Drinking awesome beer
  • Sleeping
  • Not getting laid
  • On the shitter
  • Blogging
  • Driving
  • Pretending to work
  • Eating delicious foods that were bad for me
  • Clearing out my DVR even though I wasn't in the mood to watch the shows on it
  • Calling other motorist "c--ts" and "c--ks--kers"
  • Calling the Bills "a--holes" and "f--king d--chebags"
  • Calling Republicans "f--ggots" and "motherf--kers"
  • Sitting on a train
  • Texting Willie with great/awful puns
  • Not cleaning my apartment
  • Not paying my bills
  • On the computer
  • On the computer
  • On the computer

And the rest of it was just wasted. Ba-dum-BUM!

Happy New Year everybody!

1 comment:

Toastie said...

You sir are a mouthful.