Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Standing "O"

Obama's would-be State of the Union speech tonight was off-the-charts. It was positive, specific and devoid of the cynicism and arrogance of the last 7 State of the Union addresses.

Maybe this is just me still being in the honeymoon phase with Barry-O, but there is something about him that is just so calming. I imagine it's the same way that Republicans felt in the 1980s when a grandfatherly Ronnie Reagan would step out and reassure everyone that things would be just fine, juuust fine indeed.

And although it was kind of annoying to see Nancy Pelosi starting a few self-conscious standing ovations, it was great to see Barry and Joe Biden in the driver's seat instead of Bushie and Emperor Palpatine.

I feel like it was the best State of the Union speech I've ever seen, and although I don't know whether I'd say that three years from now if asked, I finally -- for the first time maybe in this decade -- feel like this country is on the right path again. (The fact that new GOP star Bobby Jindal had such a vague and uninspiring response was a testament to the air-tightness of the speech.)

I am one of those 68% who approve of this guy. It's not just that he is a president of Big Ideas, but he has the right philosophy about what is going to make this country great again. It's about building from the bottom up. It's not about continuing to kick great amounts of wealth upward into the hands of the 1%, but about getting money flowing around again. And if a Fulbright Scholar like Joe the non-Plumber wants to call that "redistribution of wealth," so be it. I'd rather see money start to recirculate to us common folk rather than sit idly in the mattresses of the scumbag "elite class" who got us into this mess in the first place.

I hope that I am not going to be revisited harshly by these words anytime soon, but I think Obama is really going to revolutionize this country, and make it prosperous again. He just "gets it." Progressivism + Pragmatism = my vote again in 2012.

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Eileen said...

Funny that you mentioned Bobby Jindal in this post and then did a Kenneth post later. We were laughing at how much we thought Bobby Jindal's delivery sounded like Kenneth's (though we agreed that Kenneth was much more entertaining).

Did you draw that connection too?

Good post!