Saturday, August 01, 2009

Give Up On Your Life

If ever you questioned just how out of touch and myopic conservatives are, please read this article by Jonah Goldberg at, as well as the subsequent comments by its mongoloid subscribers.

The basic idea of the article is that LIBERALS are so worried about global warming and the environment and hugging trees and such, that it never occurs to them that the earth could get pounded by a meteor in 2019! (If he had done a lick of research, he'd know that the asteroid is actually coming as early as 2037.)

In other words, why bother worrying about the environment when at any second -- KABOOM! -- it could all be gone anyway?! There is no need for clean air, potable water, an intact ozone layer, or any of the items that LIBERALS think you need. It's that Negro Messiah NOBAMA who is tricking you into thinking that the world's ecology is deteriorating, and most LIBERALS in Socialist AmeriKa believe it!

As one commenter said, "What happens when the idiots behind the fake Global Warming give us an ice age instead? That's what their models predicted back in the 1970s... Small input changes to the models give wildly divergent results." This knuckle-dragger apparently doesn't realize that global warming isn't just about the planet heating up, but a destabilization in the climate as a whole -- including pressure systems changing that could cause more unstable weather patterns, like hurricanes, for example.

Others note that Chicago and NYC have recorded their coldest June and July, respectively, on record. That means global warming is a crock, right?!?!?!

I think we should all follow the logic of this article, that we don't have control over meteors, so why worry about it? We should all stop going to school and to work, and people should stop writing books and making music. Why don't we just prepare for the coming of the meteor and turn in our badges now?

Every day, conservatives move further from Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley and even their supposed hero Ronald Reagan, and move toward Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Fred Phelps. It is fine for conservatives to have a set of ideals, but when they ignore empirical fact (such as John Kerry's Swiftboat activities, Obama's birth, or the scientific fact of global environmental decay), they look like a bunch of idiots.


Ashtray said...

I get a huge kick out of retards like Sean Hannity sharing a joke with whatever ass he has on as a guest about how, if it's a cold day, global warming is a farce. That's right, clowns, the temperature one day in one location is enough evidence to overturn years of scientific research. But, just to be sure, why don't you consult with your Exxon-paid scientists before you go ahead with that conclusion.

Sadly, I recently witnessed two of my own relatives having a similar exchange a couple weeks ago.

Bill said...

I'm not even saying that some of the global warming evidence hasn't been the slightest bit overzealous, but to just dismiss it out of hand is sooo silly. Why not err on the side of caution?