Friday, November 26, 2004

My dad's gonna kill me for this. Here's an old album cover of (l-r) my brother, me, my dad and my mom (seated). It's our first album as Country Church, "the most bluegrasstastic quartet east of Topeka!" That's what Lester Bangs said in his 1971 review. He also said the album would "leave you with an grits-eatin' grin from ear to ear till the turd truck gets back from Diarrheaville!" I think that review may have hurt album sales, but we considered it high praise at the time. You'll find the album listed in this month's Blender magazine as a "must-have reissue." Good luck finding it, though. Posted by Hello

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bojangles said...

Why is it that you never grow out your mustache like that anymore? It looks simply ravishing. And I know you'll burn me a copy of that album in exchange for a special kiss!