Thursday, November 18, 2004

Shameless Plug for My Friends' Blogs

Hey guys, if you like my blog (and why wouldn't you!) why don't you give these blogs a try? These are some close friends of mine who all have something interesting to say. Well, most of the time anyway. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! The list is alphabetical. Please visit these blogs and leave comments about how awesome I am.

+ Jaime Avery loves sports. That's about all I know about her, really. You'll have to ask her the rest. She's just starting out on the blogging thing, but she seems to enjoy it. Even if she hasn't written very much... (hint, hint)

+ Dan Banazek is one of the first people I met in college. He is one of the smartest and funniest as well. His lips are divine. I'm jealous of him. I pray he never writes a sober blog. He is a beacon of witty, intellectual light in an otherwise hackneyed, gauche world.

+ Javen Bohall is my secret boyfriend. Well, it's not so secret anymore is it? Uh-oh! Javen and I probably fight more than we get along, but somehow it makes us closer every time. Javen actually deleted a blog entry, for shame! But he has rallied nicely with a litany of posts, most with photography included!

+ Mike Cialini is very bitter. Mike is one of my friends from high school. He's a military man and a Howard Stern fan. He used to listen to heavy metal until I intervened. He has a blog, but doesn't actually "write" anything in it.

+ Casey "Toastie" Cregg is one of my favorite people. Always quick with a joke or a light of your smoke. He's 5'11" and scruffy. Toastie is so good-natured and fun-loving that even a kick to the groin makes him giggle. Try it!

+ Will Emerson is a very bitter man, though he has nothing to be bitter about since his Red Sox and Patriots both won their respective sports' championships in the same calendar year. He once ate a bleu cheese sandwich. Willie can recite words from television shows and movies and you would think that he was the actor playing the part. Amazing.

+ Kathie Russell is a girl that I've lived with for about 5 or 6 years, so we're still in that "getting to know you" phase. I had no idea she could write! Or kan she?????

+ John "J.T." Tomsich (aka Uncle Jitter) is very very tall. He's taller than you are. He plays basketball in Portugal. He is the Vince Vaughn in our version of Swingers. I miss him so much it hurts sometimes. Did I say that out loud?

(Note: I was trying to find a way to put this on some sort of fancy list that would go down the right side of the webpage, so it would always be there, but I don't know how to do it. Does anyone know how? If so, can you tell me?)


'Don' Cialini said...

Alright punk.....I actually "wrote" something in it...just to appease you.

Bee said...

Blogging equals Flogging. That is what you deserve. The blog has taken my place and you are to blame. I suggest you talk to DonCialini about resolution.