Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Bush That (Probably) Shouldn't Have Won

After the huge second half USC's Reggie Bush had against Fresno State back in November, everyone has been touting him as the next dominant player in the NFL. He won the Heisman Trophy and is likely to be the number one pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

That's all fine. But it may be another case of the sports media jumping on the hot topic or hot player and running away with it without stepping back and thinking, Hey, maybe Reggie Bush isn't the second coming of Eric Dickerson just yet.

But I'll tell you one thing, in the Rose Bowl this evening, the best player on the field was Vince Young.

It was one of the most entertaining college football games -- hell, one of the most entertaining pure football games, period -- that I've seen in years. And Vince Young had that glow about him. He carried the Texas Longhorns on his back and willed them to victory. You can see a certain halo around some players when they are in that zone, where you know, even if for just one game, they are just not going to be stopped. I saw John Elway do it in Super Bowl XXXII. I saw Tom Brady do it in the "Tuck Rule" game. I saw Byron Leftwich do it against Akron in 2002 where he literally had to be carried to the line. And Vince Young had it today.

It's the first game I've seen Young play where I was actually paying attention, and he sure elevated his game against an excellent USC team. He can throw, and he can run. He ran for 200 yards. This season he passed for 2,500 yards and ran for 1,000 yards. That's just not right.

The guy is a dude, no doubt about it.


'Don' Cialini said...

Reggie should have won no doubt. Vince had a great season as well, but overall compared to Bush, he just can't compare. Bush is a thread as a running back, receiver, and a kick returner. He is the most versitle football player on the field at any given time. Just because Vince manned up and had one hell of a Rose Bowl doesn't mean the Heisman voting was wrong.

Ban-dingo said...

Reggie Bush had a dominant Second Half against Fresno State's defense. Vince Young had a dominant game against the USC defense, which some might argue could easily be confused for Fresno State's defense. Having said that, I still believe that for one game at least,Vince Young was the best Player on a field that included three very good college players, at leas two of whom I am predicting will be busts as pros.

Jack Johnson said...

Reggie is definatley the hands down winner. Just remember, before the Rose Bowl we were all in agreement with Reggie being the most dominant college player. Who knew that Vince Young would come in with 267 yards passing & 200 yards rushing for his final performance???? Good for Vince, but just a little to late.

The Jack

Bill said...

I'm not saying that Reggie Bush is not going to be good. I guess my point, and I apparently didn't make it very well, was that ever since that game, Reggie Bush has been touted as the most sure-fire, no-brainer #1 pick since Michael Vick. What was odd is that before that Fresno State game, I think the consensus was still that Leinard was the man to beat, Vince Young was a noble also-ran and Bush was a stud RB who would come in third. (Maybe this is all revisionist history, but that's how I remember it.) Suddenly, after the remarkable game Bush had, he became the immediate, knee-jerk #1 pick, which I don't remember him being before that game. I think Bush will be a good pro, but when it counted, VY was the shit and Bush didn't even play the best out of the other RB's on his team.

That's all, I don't mean to be knocking Bush, though re-reading what I wrote, I can kinda see how it came off.