Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Goal

Buffalo Sabres Danny Briere Goal

I should have expected this.

I am less bothered by this (which I am 99.3% sure was actually a goal) than I am by the Sabres' lethargy in this game. They didn't even wake up at all until the Rangers were already up 2-0 on them late in the 3rd period. As soon as that happened, they started FINALLY playing Sabre hockey. Passing, speeding by defenders, crashing the net. ATTACKING!

Why did it take them 50 minutes to start playing? They were not physical, but they were also not finesse. I know they have to be patient, but they are TOO patient. They're letting the Rangers disrupt all their passing. They are not utilizing their speed and are being careless.

This Rangers team is NOT that good. Come on, goddammit! They need to start overwhelming them with speed and wear those old bastards out. Lundqvist can't stop you forever, but maybe some misdirection or some shots from the outside instead of 50-foot slap shots directly into his bread basket.

You're better than this, boys. Don't go out like that.


Laurie said...

wow, you do love you some sports eh? i don't follow basketball so i'm not really sure what your talking about.

next time they'll win though!

Bill said...

Um Laurie .... it's not basketball. Don't tell me you've never seen table tennis before?