Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sherri Shepherd is a Sh-thead

Women have really come a long way in the last 50 years. They have made all myths of their mental inferiority disintegrate and blow into the wind.

So why would a show called "The View," which is supposedly intended to get the disparate views of intelligent women and have a dialogue. But apparently there is something that compels the producers of "The View" to add a complete idiot to their midst.

Sherri Shepherd is probably as dumb and uneducated a human being as I've ever seen. She was asked if she thought the earth was flat or round. See here...

I like how she says "I never really thought about it, but I do think about how to feed my CHILD!" She should probably have her child and all sharp objects removed from her.

Enjoy this discussion of dinosaurs and Christians...

Why are the other "View" hosts afraid to call this woman the drooling fucktard that she is? If anything, this proves that "all voices" do not necessarily need to be heard, especially when those voices come out of the mouth of this dope.

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Toastie said...

what I want to know is, who greenlighted the whole fucking thing. I tell ya, this generation is worse than the hippies, the flappers, and the Nazis least the hippies gave us those fat watchbands, and the flappers could dance, and the Nazis had that song "Eight Days a Week".