Thursday, August 21, 2008

Four Years!

Sunday marks my fourth Blogoversary. That's four full years of ruining the internet with witless observations, dull ramblings and uninformed opinions.

And unfortunately for you, I show no signs of slowing down! (Well, except for the fact that I haven't posted that much lately.)

But in case you are one of those impatient types, let me give you a rundown of some likely topics coming up this next year, the end of which will mark my full half-decade of blogging. Just look what's in store!

  • My reaction to the Bills finally winning the Super Bowl.
  • Why the court ordered me to stop drinking.
  • Top 150 stupid things I did in the past 6 months.
  • Assholes who pissed me off that day.
  • Assholes who I pissed off that day.
  • Sentimental crap that only I care about.
  • A picture of my fiancee and her name.
  • The restraining order my fiancee put on me (aka Silly fights!)
  • My night in jail for ignoring the "hundred feet rule" or as I call it "suggestion"!
  • Delightful beers that I defiantly drank in direct violation of Onondaga County Appellate Court.
  • I cooked something!
  • Opinions, opinions, opinions!
  • Oprah is a bitch, Steve-O is a raging douche, Ann Coulter is a "soft-C."
  • President Obama: Black enough?
  • How I single-handedly financed the Russian mafia by using their music downloading site
  • I can't believe I went this long without embracing the majesty of country music!
  • "The Most __________ __________ Ever!"
  • How the Iron Sheik found a way to make me humble.
  • The world celebrates Bill O'Reilly's violent and humiliating death.
  • I read a book!
  • Boy was that "Watchmen" movie a disappointment! You know I read the comic book like a year before it came out, right?!?!

And that's about it. So that's like, what, two a month? I can pull that off. Try not to stay up too late celebrating!!!! HAHAHAHA ....ahhh...


Toastie said...

President Obama: Black Enough??

that got me laughing out loud, for the black enough part. good lord, not the president part. what do you take me for...a republican??? (GASP!!)

lkdfjlksdneu said...

I have been saying for months that I cannot wait until he gets into the white house and grows that big beautiful afro I keep dreaming about