Thursday, May 11, 2006

Git-R-Done Indeed, You Fat Talent-Deprived Shit-kicker

I must admit that I am not much of a fan of the stand-up comedy of David Cross, but as a comic mind, he cannot be denied. Anyone who was on two of the ten greatest comedy shows in the history of television (Mr. Show with Bob & David, and Arrested Development) has to have something going on, right? As Stephen Colbert might say, David Cross "gets it."

So I was more than impressed when the erstwhile Tobias Funke decided to get all up in Larry the Cable Guy's ass. (Granted, this "open letter" is from December 2005, but I just found it so it's new to me.)

I have a lot of respect for David Cross in this piece, because not only is he unafraid to debunk the whole "regular guy tellin'-it-like-it-is" cop-out for being a lazy, fart joke telling no-talent, but he even has the sheer cojones to take a swipe at the heretofore untouchable Dane Cook! (I mean, I like Dane, but let's dial down his ubiquitousness just a shade, shall we?) I did not see that comin'!

Ultimately, I'm glad that someone wasn't afraid to call out lazy and cheap humor and fire the first salvo for intellectual comedy. Several years from now, I have a feeling that Larry the Cable Guy, while filthy rich, will be but a footnote of novelty comedy, such as a Pauly Shore or a Michael Winslow. A one-trick pony who filled a niche (the niche in this case being humor for the lowest common denominator) and faded into obscurity. David Cross on the other hand will probably (and hopefully within his lifetime) be lauded as a great creator of TV comedy, even if his Jesus-hating stand-up gets old after the 37th "Catholics-are-mindless-sheep" joke.

Either way, anyone who knows me knows that I will always champion the side of arrogant intellectual elitism over that of lazy penis jokes any day.

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