Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This team is going to give me a heart attack. Billy needs new shorts!

The Sabres went up 4-1, then let the lead slip to 4-3. Maybe it's because I'm a Buffalo fan, but I coulda sworn they were going to blow it in the last 30 seconds.

But they didn't. And they took a 2-1 series lead.

Could this be the year? Could this be the team??? Or are the ghosts of Brett Hull and Darius Kasparitis going to haunt my dreams forever? Usually my Buffalo teams have a habit of outplaying the opponent but finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. With this Sabres team, it's exactly the opposite. Even typing this brings out all my superstitions. I don't want to contribute to them blowing it.

But maybe, just maybe, they won't blow it.

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Toastie said...

At the time Carolina pulled Ward in favor of Gerber, I didn't think the Sab's would have needed another goal and Gerber came in with a couple big stops. Good game all around however its going to be tough with Tallinder out for the remainder of the playoffs now.

By the way, I believe that Mike Grier is the worst person to have on a breakaway and this has nothing to do with him being of another race as I have been a Grier fan since his days at Boston University. Every time I have seen him go one on one with the goalie he makes no moves whatsoever, starts coasting at about the tops of the circle and ends up shooting directly into the goaltender at which time I can only assume he is going five hole.