Friday, May 12, 2006

"You're With Me, Leather"

Yes, Chris Berman's pickup line -- and possibly the most sublimely perfect pickup line of all time -- is my favorite phrase of 2006. I literally cannot not laugh when I hear it or read it.

Seriously, just looking at this shirt makes me giggle. (God bless Deadspin, the best sports blog in the world. Bill Simmons my ass) for bringing this phrase to national prominence. Or at least prominence in my own personal lexicon. Apparently you can buy the shirt here at I can't buy it because I will never stop laughing.

Yes, for the record I am actually laughing to myself as I am typing this by myself in a dark room. It may be creepy but it feels terrific. The great thing about the phrase is that it is so multi-purpose. You can use "You're With Me, Leather" for so many reasons. To ask someone to run an errand with you, selecting a DVD at your local video store, finally finishing that TPS report for your boss, or just as a Zen mantra to help re-center yourself and restore the chi back into your balls.

To paraphrase a Dionne Warwick song, if you see me walking down the street and I start to cry, each time we meet... just say "You're With Me, Leather" and I will probably urinate on myself with laughter. Let's try it out.

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d. dunford said...

Did you hear about Kornheiser using it on his radio show? I guess he said he's thinking about it as his "touchdown call."