Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Horse in '08

Officially, I am a member of the Green Party. I switched to Green in 2000 because I was fed up with the hypocritical moralizing and elitism of the Republican Party and the whiny, nattering elitism of the Democratic Party. The Green Party is really more grassroots, and I think Ralph Nader is a great American and a genuine human being.

Mainly, the reason i "Went Green" was as a protest against the other two shitty options. It was 2000, remember, pre-9/11, and pre-Bush Administration. I felt that my vote didn't count anyway, so I might as well show my displeasure with the current two-party system. That'd show 'em!

Of course, what happened over the subsequent 6 years or so has changed my perspective on the entire scope of voting. And now, especially since the last two elections were so close, stakes are much higher. Bottom line: things are going downhill fast, and it's not just Bush; it's the culture of divisiveness, fearmongering and corporate-pandering that all the Neo-Conservatives have brought into every aspect of government.

So, after much spectulation on Capitol Hill, I have decided to put the rumors to rest and finally, at long last, announce my candidate for the 2008 presidential election.

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Or "Joe" to me.

Like any candidate, there are a few things I don't love about him (but I'm sure his opponents on both sides of the aisle will address those), and I'm sure a lot of exaggerations will be brought up (such as the overblown plagiarism charge from 1988), but in general, he has proven to be a great purveyour of common sense and moral strength.

Sure, he's an Irish Catholic, has bad hair and is a bit long-winded (kind of like someone I know), but I think he is one of the few Democrats with the necessary combination of moral fortitude and brass balls.

Right after 9/11, when Bush was still in a Pet-Goat- in-the -headlights daze, Biden was the first person, Democrat or Republican, that I saw on TV who seemed in control. When we were all looking for a sense of calm and security, it was Biden who gave me my first feeling that the world wasn't ending in the next week.

It should have been Bush giving me that feeling of security. After all, he's, y'know, the president and stuff. But for all the tough-talking that cowboy does, he has been woefully inept reacting to any national crisis.

John McCain has sold his soul to Karl Rove. Hillary Clinton is disingenuous and divisive, and if the Democrats think she has a Culkin's chance at Neverland Ranch, they are dumber strategists than I ever thought.

Biden's my boy. Which means of course, he has no shot.

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SUE said...

Unfortunately, the best guys for the job never win here in DC, only the loudest. I am hoping that Governor Mark Warner (former Governor of VA) can make a real run in '08. He's young, did an awesome job in managing the state, and is a pretty down to earth guy, all told. He rides his bike around town and is an all-around decent guy (I think). Biden/Warner '08?