Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad Sports Logos - Philadelphia 76ers (1991-1994)

Short and sweet. I am not going to say much about these, other than that they are the worst uniforms in the history of the NBA, and maybe in the history of sports. They the 76ers were shamed to go from their classic Dr. J, Charles Barkley, "Fo'-Fo'-Fo'" style jerseys to this eyesore, worn for three seasons. You may want to remove your children from the room.

Shawn Bradley

Manute Bol

Hersey Hawkins

Ron Anderson

Sweet Jesus, look at them. The red and blue color scheme. The off-center writing of the word "Sixers." The generic block lettering. Those awful stars on one side of the jersey and the opposite side of the pants! SHAWN BRADLEY!!!!

I'm going to be sick.

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d. dunford said...

I believe that the Cavaliers uniforms from 1994-1999 were far more atrocious.