Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yo Mama Is a Poster Child for a College Reunion! Oh Wait, That's Mine...

My mom is on the internet! How cool is that?

This year will be the 40th Anniversary of the Nazareth College class of 1966. It will be a celebration of many old people reuniting to talk about their various health problems, their great-great grandkids, and how to finally nail those bastards from St. John Fisher! I'm only kidding with you mom! And also with you, other miscellaneous old people...

Anyway, if you go to the website, you will see a picture of my own mom from a scant four decades ago.

That's her on the right; back then she was just Nora Brennan, youngest of eight and the bad seed of the family. It was four years before she had the "good fortune" of meeting that s.o.b. Bob Shannon. And the picture was taken a full ten years before Nora helped the human species evolve one more rung by spawning this sexy bastard. So young, and with so much life ahead of her.

Congrats mom, you'll get that degree someday. And tell dad I'm working on getting you one of those grandkids your friends are always talking about. [wink]

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