Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Delphix Redux

The original Delphix crew from about 1998-99. Herb Deluxxe, Tonypounds and Dead See Scrills. Rockin' shit in the Jesuit Tradition since 1997.

I met Tony (squatting in the picture) in 1995 when we were in a "Wally-ball" class at Le Moyne College. We never spoke once, but then met in the lounge in Dablon Hall and became fast friends. He had the long, flowing hair of a renaissance horse-back rider, and the wit and sexual orientation of a young Oscar Wilde. I found out that he listened to rap music, and his knowledge was not only of the good, but of the obscure. I think he mentioned something about Ed O.G. and the Bulldogs and I was instantly in love. Tony and I had our ups and downs, but over the last decade he has been one beautiful Italian stallion.

I met Todd in 1997 at the Le Moyne Cafeteria. (I know, this sounds like such a cliche. Like how Busta Rhymes met Q-Tip or something.) I thought he was far too handsome to be "down" but when he talked with me for about 45 minutes about why the Beatnuts debut album (titled The Beatnuts) was one of the best hip hop albums around, I knew that I had found another kindred spirit.

Legend has it that Tony, Todd and myself were at the Dolphin Den on an unusually windy night, and the Delphic Sibyl came down to warn the three wunderkinds that the "fatal" hot wings had actually just killed someone, and we should shy away. We ordered them anyway, and they weren't all that hot. Turns out the person wasn't actually the Delphic Sibyl but a fry-cook. Still, the name stuck.

Those guys are still making hot music for your eardrums and some shit for that ass. Check them out at their MySpace page. And no, they are not 13 year old girls, pervs.

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tt said...

funny, I met Todd in the cafeteria also. That cafeteria whore! Whoreing around the caf! That is the place to be!! Thanks 4 putting me in your top 8! What the fuck is juice.